Development of an integrated utility for the real-time calculation of the carbon and water footprint on the process data of an industrial company. The conceptual test company has been two companies in the fishing sector located in the Basque Country and Portugal. And they have been developed under the scheme proposed by the EFPF platform and its development ecosystem.

This solution is based on a previous development called Ifishcan that allows the evaluation and determination of the carbon footprint in the environment of canned fish companies. Based on the information of internationally accepted conversion factors and the ISO 16064: 2018 standard, the tool allows to know at each stage of the production processes the GHG emissions and associated water footprint.


EFPF is a federated smart factory ecosystem and digital platform that interconnects different stakeholders of the digital manufacturing domain. The EFPF platform enables users to utilize innovative functionalities, experiment with disruptive approaches and develop customized solutions to maximize connectivity, interoperability and efficiency across supply chains.

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