At IOTIC Solutions we are experts in the design and development of artificial intelligence algorithms for prediction models. Our expert systems with machine learning capabilities facilitate and automate the decision-making process in different areas of application. Our experience focuses on four areas of interest:




Data Science

AI Talentum

AI Talentum is our most innovative section. In this department we carry out projects with a high component of technological risk in different fields of application.

Here we develop our Artificial Intelligence models for projects that require advanced technologies and functionalities such as machine learning, predictive capacity and image recognition, among others.


Join us Program

Do you have a specialization in line with our activity? Have you developed an artificial intelligence model and would you like to test it?

At Iotic solutions we believe that only by surrounding yourself with the best and sharing the generation of knowledge can you achieve important goals. Whatever your concern and discipline, we are interested in knowing what you are good at.

Contact us and we will explore opportunities for collaboration and joint project development.


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