Vidal Golosinas is a pioneer brand in the manufacture and marketing of candies. Backed by a history of more than 50 years, it has established itself as one of the most innovative companies with the greatest international presence in its sector.

All this has been marked by three premises: quality, innovation and corporate culture.

With regard to quality, the company has been concerned since its beginnings with guaranteeing and complying with control standards to ensure the quality and safety of the food it produces.

Compliance with control standards for food product hygiene and prevention of contamination risks from external substances, as well as compliance with labeling standards, are part of the company’s continuous improvement processes and its policy of excellence. In this sense, the company maintains the international quality standards of ISO22000, IFS (International Food Standard, a standard required by German, French and Italian supermarket chains, and BRC (British Retail Consortium, a standard required by British retail chains).

To obtain and maintain these international quality standards, the company must maintain and integrate all its management processes, documentation and records in all departments of the company and at the same time control and coordinate that all production centers meet the same requirements.

Thus, It@der has solved technologically and with a totally customized approach the integration of all the quality systems taking into account the pre-existing tools in the company.

The customization has been based on three essential pillars:

– Operational and document management

– Process-oriented management

– People-oriented management

As a result, the company has integrated its quality system with innovative solutions to maximize profitability and efficiency.

These good management practices allow them to revalidate every year the international quality standards, convinced that excellence for their customers is to ensure a high level of safety of their products.

More than 10 years ago, Vidal Golosinas placed its trust in us, implementing the It@der software, adapting and improving every year the base system, always focused on the optimization of the organization’s own processes. Today we can say that the quality system of Vidal Golosinas is excellent.

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