Centers, homes and socio-educational programs aimed at minors subject to judicial and/or administrative protection measures.
Educational centers and programs and formal and informal training.
Health and social-health centers, programs and services for integral health care.
Centers, programs and services for pre-employment training and socio-labor insertion.
Training, preventive, mediation and intervention programs aimed at families at risk or in social conflict.
Specific centers and programs for the comprehensive care of drug addicts and ex-drug addicts.
Services and programs aimed at the comprehensive care of prisoners and ex-prisoners.
Cooperation projects for development, especially in the areas of education and health.
Research projects within all the specific areas of intervention of the Foundation, actively collaborating with different Spanish and international organizations, entities and universities.
Information and awareness campaigns aimed at disseminating the reality of the groups served in society.
Educational and awareness campaigns for the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits, volunteering, environmental care and gender equality.

Locations: Services scattered throughout all Spanish autonomous regions.

Solution: it@der Excellence platform for ISO 9001 and ISO 158101 Management Systems for the operations of the different services and departments.

Issues: Geographical dispersion. Very diverse staff. Collection of participation from customers and stakeholders external to the platform.

Advantages: Implementation of the same work system, on-line access via PC or mobile device through data or wifi. Off-line access through the SSU app. Hot updating of data. Obtaining reports at any time. Processing of incidents with contractors through the platform and the SSU app.

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