Smarter Shopping List (T-Assist)

Towards a Smarter Shopping List (T-Assist) is an interactive platform for families with children from different countries developed by the consortium formed by AZTI, Grupo AN, University of Turin, University of Helsinki and our R&D department, AI Talentum, with the support of EIT Food.

In the platform families can receive information and advice on how to improve their eating habits and choices, based on their shopping list. Users have the ability to interact with content online, receive expert recommendations, and access educational resources on food and nutrition to enhance their food literacy.

This platform will also be of interest to the food industry (i.e. food retailers), as it will offer tools to obtain relevant information on consumer behavior and preferences. The platform allows the collection and analysis of data for the development of predictive models that facilitate decision-making, promote healthy lifestyles, quantify consumer confidence and help focus education campaigns towards healthy food options. The content is driven by science and technology, collaborative initiatives, creative imagination, and media experimentation.

We hope that this platform will become a virtual space that overcomes misunderstandings and fosters a new relationship between the public, academia, experts and the food industry based on honesty and the generation of trust.

Client: AZTI
Skills: Chatbot, OCR / Review of purchase tickets, custom CMS