VITAL: “Validation of Innovative Tools to Assess and to improve microbioLogical safety in the food chain is a project supported by the European Commission within the framework of EIT Food and within a consortium formed with the University of Turin, Pepsico, Swissdecode and AI Talentum, our R&D department.

The result of this project has been AI (rd), an AI algorithm for the rapid validation of microbiological methods in industrial settings for Salmonella spp. Prediction models ensure food safety based on the intelligent exploitation of artificial intelligence (AI) and laboratory sensors on a chip (lab-on-chip). AI is used for the validation of rapid methods for the detection of foodborne pathogens (Salmonella spp.) And to provide a prediction tool that enables a more effective validation scheme of such practices in an industrial setting.

It is a new service to the food industry to simplify the validation process of rapid diagnostic tools, providing high value to companies that will be able to evaluate the safety of their products in less time, safeguarding public health.

Client: EIT FOOD

Skills: Predictive models, Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence

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Eit Food

Date published

5 de November de 2020